Resides:   Brooklyn, NY.
Education:California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA B.F.A. (1964) M.F.A. (1970)
The San Francisco Art Institute - Otis Art Institute - Los Angeles Art Institute.

Individual Artists' Awards:

2013The Joan Mitchell Foundation Award
2008The American Academy of Arts and Letters, Award in the Visual Arts
2006The Civitella Ranieri Residency Fellowship, Umbertide, Italy
2000The Pollock Krasner Foundation
1999Anonymous Was A Woman
1997John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship
1993Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
1987National Endowment for the Arts
1979National Endowment for the Arts
1975The Adeline Kent Award, San Francisco Art Institute

Selected Public Collections:

U.S. State Department - Art Bank of Collected Works
The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
The Smithsonian Institution National of American Art
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
The de Young Museum, San Francisco
San Jose Museum, San Jose, CA.
The Berkeley Museum of Art, CA
Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, CA.
The Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA.
The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA.
Frederick Weisman Collection, Los Angeles, CA.
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT.
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH.
The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, NJ
The Greenville County Museum of Art, SC.
The Weatherspoon Museum of Art, NC
The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT
The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
The California Palace of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
The Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Cristi, TX
The Cleveland Clinic Collection, OH
The Wellington Management Corporation, Boston, MA
The Williamsburgh Paint Company, New York

Selected History: Catalogue Essays, Feature Articles, Interviews, and Statements:

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"Adeline Kent Award 1975", San Francisco Art Institute, 1975.


Group Exhibitions:
"Unreliable Narrative", Art Helix, Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2017

2015"Retrospective", Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA May 27 - June 27, 2015
Group Exhibitions:
"True Monotypes", curated by Janice Oresman, IPCNY International Print Center NY, March 26-May30, 2015
Spring Group Show, 490 Atlantic Brooklyn NY, May 9th - June 13th 2015
"Transcendent", Group Show, KS Arts, NY, NY, July 8, 2015
"The Guston Effect", Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston MA, May 15 - Aug.15, 2015
Group Exhibitions:
"Eric's Trip", curated by Cynthia Daignault and Mark Loiacono, Lisa Cooley Gallery, NY, June 28, 2014.
"If You're Accidentally Not Included, Don't Worry About It", curated by Peter Saul, Zurcher Studio, NY, March 20, 2014.
"Enticing Luminosity", curated by Olive Ahens, Leslie Heller Workspace, NY, March 16, 2014.
"My Big Fat Painting", curated by Rick Briggs, Brian Morris Gallery, NY, October 12, 2014.
"Pressed Flowers", curated by Catherine Howe, Leslie Heller Workspace, NY, October 13, 2014.
"Home Turf", Brian Morris Gallery, NY, October 4, 2014.
Group Exhibitions:
"Endless Summer", curated by Gary Peterson, Brian Morris Gallery, NY, August 1, 2013.
"Loren Munk and Judith Linhares", Valentine Gallery, Queens, NY, October 18, 2013.
"Ticklish Object", Heliopolis Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, December 6, 2013.
"Do Not Disturb", Elgin Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, October 15, 2013.
Group Exhibitions:
"Respective of S", curated by Safran Foer and Sam Messer, Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, NY, June 21, 2012.
"Twisted Sisters", curated by Janet Phelps and Kristen Dodge, Dodge Gallery, NY, May 17, 2012.

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Group Exhibitions:
"brainbodygame". Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, curated by Hudson, Feature Inc. NYC.
"Narratives of the Perverse". Tom Jancar Gallery,, Los Angeles, February 5, 2011.
"Vivid", Schroeder Romero " Shredder Gallery, NY, Janet Phelps, Nov. 18 to January 15.
Roberta Smith, The New York Times, January 21, 2011.

2010Judith Linhares - "Mona Whispering" from The New Museum "Bad" Painting Exhibition,
Tom Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles.
Group Exhibitions:
"Between Picture and Viewer", S.V.A.Visual Arts Gallery, Tom Huhn " Isabel Taube, 11-23.
Catalogue - Isabel Taube & Tom Huhn, "Between Picture And Viewer: The Image In Contemporary
Painting", text page 29, Plate 13, page 54, Visual Arts Gallery of the School of Visual Arts, NY.
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"Carl Plansky " Friends", Golden Artists’ Colors " Williamsburg Paint Co., NY, Sept. 25 – Nov. 20.
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"Story Time", The Islip Museum, NY, curator - Karen Shaw, September 15 - November 14.
"Reclining Nudes", Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, August 12- September 4.
"Turning Over a New Leaf", Edward Thorp Gallery, June 25 – September 18, 2010.
"Take Five: New York Artists", Plus Gallery, Denver, CO, curator - Naomi Cohn.
Mentioned: Michael Duncan, "Charles Burchfield: Into The Mystic". Art In America, February 2010, p. 95.

2009Feature Articles:
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The Gettysburgh Review, Autumn 2009, Vol. #22, # 3, pages 413 - 416.
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Group Exhibitions:
"Octet: Selected Works from the School of Visual Arts", The Suna, Inan Foundation Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey,
selected by Suzanne Anker, Peter Hristoff, August 12, travels to the School of Visual Arts Gallery, NY.
Catalogue essay: "Octet" pages 132-133, also School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York.
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"Palms", Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, August 1.
"Selections from Pilliod Records: Woodblocks " Monotypes", Morgan Lehman Gallery, NY, August 6.
Mentioned: "Verne Dawson at Gavin Brown", The New York Times. Friday June 12.

2008Judith Linhares – "Gouaches", The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch, 5th Avenue.
Recorded – "Artists’ Dialogue with Ton Huhn"
Group Exhibitions:
"Academy Awards Exhibition and Presentation", The American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY.
"Invitational Exhibition of the Visual Arts", The American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY.
"Tales of Wonder and Woe: Fable and Fairy Tale in Contemporary Art", College of New Rochelle, NY.
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2007"A Garland For Judith Linhares 2002-2007" University Art Museum, Albany, NY
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Group Exhibitions:
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Group Exhibitions:
"SUPER Natural", Fordham University, Center Gallery, NY, curator David Storey.
"Benefit Exhibition of the International Print Center". International Print Center New York, NY.
Judith Linhares statement: "M/E/A/N/I/N/G Online - The Feminist Art Project".
Books: "The Downtown Book: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984" Chronology of Events, Grey Art
Gallery and the Fales Library and Special Collectioon, New York University, Princeton.

2005 Group Exhibitions:
"National Biennial Watercolor Invitational", Parkland Art Gallery, IL.
"New Prints 2005 / Spring", International Print Center, New York, selected by Kiki Smith.
"Life and Limb", Feigen Contemporary, NY, curator David Humphrey.
"Charmed", The Lower East Side Girl’s Club, NY, curators Michael St. John " Jason Duval.
Catalogue - "Charmed", Lower East Side Girls Club, NY.
"State of the Art 2005 National Biennial Watercolor Invitational" catalogue.
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2004Group Exhibitions: "Art and Illusion" Frederick R. Weisman Museum, Malibu, CA.

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Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, 12-20 to 2-23 2003.
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, 6-22 to 8-17, 2003.
Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX, 9-18 to 11-23, 2003.
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2002"Judith Linhares", Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Group Exhibitions:
"Arrested Development – Contemporary Contemplations On Adolescence and Youth".
The College of New Rochelle, New York, Sue Canning curator.
"Aviary", Edward Thorp Gallery, NY.
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Group Exhibitions:
"Pulp Fiction", Sonoma State University Art Gallery, CA.
"Exurbia", Gallery Luisotti, Santa Montica, CA.
"Of Dreams " Dreamers: Art As A Vehicle of Escape", Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL.
"Small Works 11", Linda Schwartz Gallery, December 1, 2001.
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2000"Judith Linhares", Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinati, OH.
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"Figures of Invention", Hartwick Colllege Art Gallery, Oneonta, NY, curator Elizabeth Condon.
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Emil Lowe Gallery, Hempstead, NY. and Gallery for Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs.
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1999Judith Linhares "Monotypes", Pelavin Editions, New York.
Anonymous Was A Woman Award
Group Exhibitions:
"Private Eye", The Mary Dana Women Artists Series–Year 28, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, NJ.
"Woman’s History Month: Private Eye", The Sunday Courrier News, illustrated "Jill" page C-8, March 7, 1999.
"A.R.T. Resources Transfer Press Portfolio", David A.Damson Gallery, Washington, DC.
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"Judith Linhares and Linsey Walt", Conversation Series.
Group Exhibitions:
"Women, Women, Women - Artists, Objects, Icons", JoAnna Isaak. Emry’s Journal
The Greenville County Museum of Art. Linhares essay "Who’s Afraid of Visual Pleasure?"
"Food Matters", Bucknell University,PA, Stuart Horodner " Saul Ostrow.
"Food Matters", E.S.Vandam, NY.
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Group Exhibitions:
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"Gallery Group Exhibition", Edward Thorp Gallery, NY.
"Go Figure! : The Temptation Continues", University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.
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1996Judith Linhares and Erika Ranee Exhibitions, Esso Gallery, NY, May-June 1996.
Group Exhibitions:
"Anima Mundi", Graham Modern, New York, NY.
"Individuals", Deven Golden Fine Art, New York, NY.
"Gallery Group Exhibition". Edward Thorp Gallery, NY.
"Birds and Bees", Esso Gallery, New York, NY.
"Works For A Funhouse", E..S.Vandam, NY, curators: Saul Ostrow, Susan Canning, Yvonne Muranushi.
Juror: The Louisiana State Art Exhibition" Capitol bBng, Baton Rouge, LA.

1995Group Exhibitions:
"Dream Riddle Images from the Unconscious", Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA.
"Diverse Group / One Direction", NYU Faculty Exhibition, Apex Art, April 20, 1995.

1994"Dangerous Pleasures: The Art of Judith Linhares 1971-1993" Survey Exhibition.
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Group Exhibitions:
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"Circus", Renee Fotouhi Gallery, East Hampton, NY.
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Group Exhibitions:
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1987"Judith Linhares - "Forgivable Sins", Editions Julie Sylvester, NY.
Group Exhibitions:
"The Artist and the Myth", Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, Monterey, CA.
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1986 Group Exhibitions:
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Reproductions of paintings Book Covers and CD:

"Human Dark With Sugar", poems of Brenda Shaughnessy, 2008, Copper Canyon Press, Washington.
"The Problem of Evil", by Eric Greenleaf P.H.D., 2000, Zeig, Tucker Theisen, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Erickson Institute of the Bay Area, California.
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Joe Records, Austin, TX, 1996.

Faculty Teaching Positions:

2012-1980 The School of Visual Arts, New York
2008The Vermont Studio School – Visiting Painter
2007Yale University School of Art – Faculty Lecturer in the Painting Program
1998Anderson Ranch Summ er Workshop, Snowmass Village, Colorado
1997University of Rhode Island Faculty Artist-in-residence
1995Hartwick College - Summer Workshop, Oneonta, NY
1994The Rhode Island School of Design – Faculty in Painting Program
1991California Institute of the Arts (CALArts) – Velencia – Faculty Artist-in-residence
1990AICA New York Studio Program Distinguished Faculty Artist
1988Rhode Island School of Design (R.I.S.D.Y.) – (Artist-in-residence).
1986-2007  The Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Summer Program (for Gifted High School Juniors) – Colorado Springs, CO.
1986-2006  New York University, NY – Faculty Painting Department
1986Alliance of Independent Colleges (A.I.C.A.) Mentoring Program, NY
1985San Francisco Art Institute
1983Mills College, Oakland, CA.
 The Rhode Island School of Design
1980University of San Francisco
1979University of California at Davis
 University of California at Berkeley
1978-1979  Louisiana State University Faculty (artist-in-residence).
1976-1977  The San Francisco Art Institute
1974-1978  Lone Mountain College, CA
1972-1975  California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland
1971-1972  San Jose City College
1969-1971  San Francisco State College Extension Division
1969Oakland Junior College Merritt Campus
1969San Francisco State College – Main Campus
1968Arts Director – Recreation Center for the Handicapped
1967-1968  San Francisco Museum – Children’s Class Instructor
1966San Pablo Recreation Department – Adult Class Instructor
1965California College of the Arts – Children’s Class Instructor
1964-1965  San Rafael Recreation Department – Arts " Crafts Specialist

Presentations and Panels:

2012The University of Iowa Department of Art and Art History.
2011The New York Studio School, NY
Clairmont College School of Art, Clairmont, CA
2010California State University at Long Beach, CA
University of Virginia Lecture Series
2008The New York Public Library, "An Artist Dialogue Series: Judith Linhares with Tom Huhn"
State University of New York at New Paltz, NY
The Vermont Studio School – Visiting Painter, Johnson, VT
2007Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, MA
The New Britain Museum, CT
The Albany Museum, Albany, NY
Yale University, New Haven, CT
College Art Association Panel: "Meanings and Functions of Narrative", NY.
2006Chapman University, Orange, CA
Fordham University, "Super Real", artists’ panel, NY
2005State University of New York, Purchase, NY.
2004University of Virginia, VA
1996Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY
1995State University of New York at New Paltz, "Art Lecture Series", NY
1994Greenville County Museum of Art, Museum Theater, Greenville, SC
Sonoma State University, CA
1993University of Texas, Austin, TX
Sonoma State University, CA
Tyler School of Art – Temple University, PA
University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT
1991University of California at Berkeley, CA
1990Sara Lawrence, Brownsville, NY
1989New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
1984The Greenville County Museum of Art, SC
1986San Diego State University, CA
1982The New Museum: "New Figuration ‘82", Panelist - List Center Lecture Hall, NY
The College Art Association, Panelist - New York
1981The College Art Association: "Figurative Tradition In California", San Francisco
Villa Nova College
Rutgers College
Philadelphia School of Art, PA
1980Charles Mott City College, MI
1979Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA
Humbolt State University, CA
1978Louisiana State University, LA
University of Washington, Spokane, WA
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
1977Kalamazoo College, MI
University of Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI
1976Berkley Museum, Berkeley, CA
1974Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, IL